Varied range of events at the Design Center in Linz, Upper Austria.

Green Meetings & Events




Sustainable and responsible use of resources
through Green Meetings and Green Events.
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National and international congresses in modern, 
multifunctional rooms with bright atmosphere.
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Trade Fair




Exhibition center with modern and brightly rooms. Unlimited creative opportunities.
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Effective stage design and technical excellence in brightly rooms.
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Gala & Festivity




An elegant location for a glamorous gala with 
exceptional sound and architectural lighting.
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Effective stage design and technical excellence in brightly rooms for presentations pf all kinds.
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10,000 m² multifunctional surface, unique visuals
and lighting effects for an unforgettable event.
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Dazzling celebrations and meetings in the baroque
ambiance of the Bergschlößl in Linz, Upper Austria. 
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