Presentations at the Events Center Design Center Linz, Upper Austria - Inspire your Audience

Present your innovative products in an airy and bright atmosphere. The Design Center Linz offers excellent possibilities for making your product or message known or for presenting it.

The glass roof consisting of 3,456 glass panels allows in daylight while keeping out blinding light and heat from direct sun. 10,000 m2 of multifunctional space offer ample room for creative freedom for impressively presenting your ideas.

Light promotes well-being. The natural indoor daylight makes for better attention among your visitors and encourages them to stay on.

The Design Center is radiant at night. The individual lighting design creates unforgettable room for experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, while at the same time making your products and speakers the main focus.

The atmosphere is tailored to your target audience. The avant-garde and contemporary atmosphere of the Design Center presents a unique stage for your innovations.