Caesar Werbeaward 2022


The Caesar award, the largest advertising prize in the country

"Anyone who has implemented a good project has already made a contribution to the Upper Austrian economy. And by submitting a project to the Caesar Werbepreis, you will also be noticed," Christoph Schumacher, chairman of the advertising and market communication section, emphasised the Olympic idea.

The Caesar is above all a message from the Upper Austrian communication and advertising companies to the Upper Austrian economy, which is to a large extent the client for Upper Austrian advertising companies. "We want to use it to prove that our members are top-class contacts in Upper Austria and thus in the immediate vicinity. The great performance of our companies at the Austriacus also proves that we are top in Austria," explained Christoph Schumacher, chairman of the professional group and thus also chairman of the Advertising Network, which is dedicated to networking and community building within the industry.

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